Monday, January 21, 2008


Have you ever gotten this feeling of repulsiveness when you think of that ugly guy you dated while back? And you just think... why?
Well, Ms. Giggles here (who is sexy and single) really thinks her ex is the most hideous shit ever..

Oh yeah.. thats him on the left. I mean he looks huggable with his piggy like nose, curly jew hair, and his bag pack which it looks like he is going exploring with Dora.

But Giggles, being a hot bitch as she is doesn't go for those kind of guys. Right, G? Right!! This is why I cheered her by disguising him using the magic of Mr. Photoshop!! =] Cute, huh? So now he went from a Italian hemroid to a Bulging Biceps Beaner.. Ms. Giggles is lucky!!!